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Family Law Services

Our attorneys can represent you in a variety of family law case:


There are two types of divorce in Massachusetts. A contested divorce is a divorce where the parties are unable to agree on issues such as custody, child support, and the division of marital assets. An uncontested divorce is a divorce where the parties are able to agree on all of the issues and are simply seeking an attorney to draft their documents and represent them in court.


Divorce Mediation is an option for some couples who are unable to agree on the issues in the divorce, however they would rather resolve their divorce with a mediator as opposed to at the court house. Our mediators can assist you at any stage of your case, whether or not you are already represented by an attorney. Mediation has proven to be a successful way to resolve divorce cases. The parties who participate in mediation are generally more happy with the result because they participated in creating their own separation agreement.

Child Custody

Custody of the minor children involved in a divorce or separation is a very important issue. Our attorneys can assist you with creating a parenting plan and schedule that works best for the parties and the children involved.


After a case has been resolved in court, there may be a change in circumstance that requires the parties to modify their agreement. The court requires that there is a material change in circumstances in order for a modification for to be filed. Some of the cases that can be modified are child support, custody, and alimony. Please contact our attorneys to find out if your case is able to modified.


Our offices handle all types of adoptions, including same sex adoptions, private adoptions, and DCF adoptions. Our attorneys’ favorite types of cases are adoptions because it is such a happy time in a family’s life. Contact our attorneys now to get the paperwork started for your adoption.

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