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Helpful Massachusetts Divorce Information

October 31st, 2017 | By | Posted in Massachusetts Divorce and Family

This post is intended to provide you with some helpful information and links dealing with the Massachusetts Divorce process. The first concern when dealing with a Massachusetts divorce case is where the case should be filed. Generally, your divorce case should be filed in the county where you live. Each county has at least one probate and family court. Here is a list of the probate and family courts in Massachusetts:

There are also a number of forms that can be completed online and printed out prior to going to court. The most comprehensive list of forms can be found on the Bristol Probate and Family Court website. In addition, there are Filing Fees associated with most divorce and family law cases in Massachusetts.

If you are dealing with child support issues please be sure to check out the new 2017 Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines.

The Massachusetts Court System website also provides some helpful information on family law issues including adoption, child support, alimony, annulment, parenting time, divorce, and child custody.

If you’re unable to find an answer to your questions with the above information; Gomes & Associates, LLC can answer most questions that you may have involving Massachusetts divorce and family law issues. You need a good Massachusetts divorce lawyer on your side!

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