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What Are the Legal Terms Associated with Drunk Driving?

September 18th, 2014 | By | Posted in Uncategorized

Driving while intoxicated is actually the most frequently occurring crime in the United States. That being the case, you would think it would have the same name and legal references across all 50 states. The fact of the matter is, though, that there are several legal terms associated with the offense that differ slightly but basically allude to the same thing. If you are looking at legal ramifications for drunk driving, we recommend that you brush up on the associated legal terms.

More Commonly Used Terms

The most frequently used terms or phrases would include DUI, DWI and OUI:

  • DUI means driving under the influence. This could be referencing alcohol, but we have also seen it refer to other influential substances such as paint fumes, butane, etc.
  • DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. Similar to the above, it is typically referring to driving while impaired using impairing substances.
  • OUI stands for operating under the influence. As we stated before, these all share similar meanings. The determining factors for which term is used basically comes down to the state in which the offense occurred.

Less Commonly Used Terms

DUBAL and UBAL are not used as often but do come up occasionally. They basically stand for unlawful blood alcohol level. In other words, the offender has usually failed a blood, breath, or urine test and their samples show a higher level of substance than is permitted by law.

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