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What to Do When Pulled Over for a Suspected DUI

September 28th, 2014 | By | Posted in Uncategorized

If you get pulled over for a suspected DUI, you may be tempted to make a run for it–especially if you are guilty and not of sound mind. We highly suggest that whatever you do, you do not run for it. That will only make things worse and put more people at risk for harm. There are some great options for you to consider when in this situation, so keep reading to inform yourself of ideas of what to do if you are even in this situation.

First, Be Cooperative

This means you should find a safe place to pull over for both you and the officer at hand. Once you have pulled over, take care not to frighten the officer by refraining from making sudden movements or unnecessary movements. When dealing with law professionals, we always encourage being polite as respect brings respect. This will make the proceedings much easier if there is not hostility from the beginning.

Second, Don’t Incriminate Yourself

There is a tricky and fine line between refusing to incriminate yourself and being willing to lie. The best middle ground is to simply (and politely) refuse to answer any questions. You are under no legal obligation to take either a field sobriety test or a handheld breathalyzer. The only reason to refuse these is simply because they are just plain unreliable. Opt instead to take a chemical test at the station which will be much more accurate to protect your rights.

Document Everything

This is critical. Rather than relying upon a “he said, she said” debate, it’s best to write down every detail from the moment you have been released. Be sure to write down critical points such as where you were coming from and what time you left, the amount of alcohol consumed, the time stopped, the behavior of the officer, your interactions, if your Miranda rights were read, and how long it had been since you had drank once tested. Lastly, we highly advise that you hire an attorney as soon as possible to take an offensive approach.

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